CX405-RTD vaccine temperature monitoring data logger

CX405-RTD temperature data logger monitors both refrigerators and freezers temperature as low as -95°C to 50°C. CDC and VFC program compliant, easily view current, min, and max temp. Real time alert and automatic data download

CX405 RTD COVID Vaccine Monitoring Data Logger

Cold Chain monitoring has always been a very complex process, but the addition of monitoring of vaccines developed in response to the world-wide pandemic presents one of the greatest challenges ever faced by global supply chain contributors.


Onset is laser-focused on fully understanding COVID-19 vaccine monitoring requirements and fine-tuning our monitoring solutions accordingly so that our customers can meet this unprecedented challenge head-on and with ease.

Here’s the latest critical information about COVID-19 vaccine distribution and storage:

  • The first vaccine approved for use needs to be shipped and stored in dry ice conditions (-80°C to -65°C)

  • The second vaccine requires frozen temperatures for transportation and storage

  • All vaccines must be in a refrigerated state before being administered to the patient

  • There’s an extreme shortage of dry ice storage facilities, especially in under-privileged nations

  • Most vaccines need to be shipped directly to patient distribution facilities and used within a limited time frame

  • Some regional facilities have been set up for temporary dry ice storage and redistribution

  • The CDC and other global regulatory bodies have already released preliminary guidelines for these vaccines


Introducing the InTemp CX405-RTD Dry Ice data logger!

Shipping early January 2021, the new InTemp CX405-RTD data logger combines the accuracy and sensor range of InTemp CX600 loggers with the LCD display and functionality of the InTemp CX402 logger. Contact Sales to place advance orders now!

Easily identify alarms with audible and visual alerts
Easily view current, min, and max temperatures on the LCD display
Multi-use NIST-calibrated logger with a 1-year NIST calibration certificate
User-replaceable AAA batteries
Built to FDA, USP, EU, and WHO standards

Sensor Range -95° to 50°C (-139° to 122°F)

Accuracy  ±1.5°C from -95° to -40°C (±2.7°F from -139° to -40°F)
                ±1.0°C from -40° to -10°C (±1.8°F from -40° to 14°F)
                ±0.5°C from -10° to 50°C (±0.9°F from -14° to 122°F)