InTemp Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring System for Dry ice, Cryogenic, Frozen and Chilled environments

Temperature as low as -95°C to 50°C and Relative Humidity from 0 to 95% (non-condensing) for cryogenic and dry ice condition, cold storage and ambient condition, with automatic excursion alerts and data reports automatically send text and/or email notifications

InTemp Dry Ice Logger Solutions

InTemp temperature and relative humidity data logger securely track temperature-sensitive products in transit and in storage—to prevent loss, streamline compliance, and maximize efficiency. Automated alarm notifications and data reports. Streamline data analysis processes. Built to FDA, USP, EU, and WHO standards. Multi-point NIST certificate with validity for 1 year as per USP guidelines.

InTemp® is a Cold Chain temperature monitoring solution for the temperature-sensitive products. Pharmaceuticals, Clinics, Hospitals, Blood bank and Life sciences require end to end monitoring of temperature. Needs to empower users with accurate, secure, and actionable environmental data.



Use the CX5000 Gateway for data download reports and immediate text/email notifications of critical excursions


Comprehensive  21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution with NIST calibrated loggers and a 1-year calibration certificate, and secure data storage.


Use data tags to easily identify problematic storage units, and to organize/group logger data for advanced customized reporting

Increase Visibility

Monitor multiple units worldwide to ensure product safety and efficacy, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies

Life Sciences

Drive down supply chain costs, product loss, and investigation costs with InTemp’s Cold Chain monitoring solutions, and experience effortless data access and data sharing from first to last mile. Manage vaccine, pharmaceutical, medical device, and blood storage monitoring from one central account in the InTemp cloud system, and get automatic downloads, reporting, and alarm notifications.

Health Care

Streamline your pharmaceutical and vaccine temperature monitoring process with CDC, WHO, and VFC-compliant InTemp digital data loggers, and get real-time text/email alert notifications when not in the office. Minimize or eliminate system training needs with automatic downloads and CDC-compliant reporting with built-in daily checks that replace written logs.

Software Solutions

Streamline your supply chain, QA, and data analysis processes and get reliable, secure reporting with 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solutions. Analyze and reduce supply chain costs by customizing reports, creating shipments, and adding data tags in the InTempConnect cloud platform, all while trimming process costs with automatic logger programming, downloading, and stopping, and automatic reporting using the CX5000 Gateway.