Electrical & Mechanical spare parts and solutions for industrial applications

Electrical multifunction protection relay, air filter, transmitter, sensors & probes, specialty calibration gas

Elfin is proud to offer premium support for a comprehensive range of products and solutions through it’s close relationship with numerous manufacturers, suppliers, distributors worldwide. We offer a whole host of spare parts supply and service solutions to power plants, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing plants, steel re-rolling mills.

CMR Group provides design, manufacturing and service of instrumentation and controls for energy and power generation facilities, gas exploration and compression, offshore platforms, marine, engines and industrial applications. It’s core product groups include low voltage and medium voltage switchboards for offshore applications, alarm monitoring, and safety(AMS) systems; industrial sensors; and pre-engineered wiring harness systems. CMR Group is an engineering partner for the world’s leading manufacturers, and a reliable electrical and electronic components provider for demanding applications.

Electrical, Electronic & Instrumentation Systems

Temperature, Pressure, Speed, Level, Rudder Angle Sensors


ICE Group has specialized in protection and system for electrical networks. These relays protect electrical installations, including cables, transformers, incoming and outgoing feeders, motors, operating circuit breakers to isolate them from any fault such as short circuits, power surges, firing, power swinging. Automatic systems carry out the necessary operations for proper functioning of the electrical networks(energizing following an outage, switch-over to a back-up transformer, voltage regulation, power regulation, power factor regulation. It’s main product families are: protection devices and automatic systems for Production and Transmission networks, Distribution networks and Industrial networks. We are the authorized representative for ICE electrical digital protection relays in Bangladesh.

Multi Function Digital Protection Products


Our electrical measuring instruments for your projects in the fields of utilities, power stations, gensets, boats, etc are divided into groups: measuring centres, measuring transducers, energy meters, analogue, digital and portable meters, controllers and sensors. Measuring instruments from Iskra can measure electrical quantities from basic criteria like voltage and current up to more than 140 electrical parameters. These can be mounted in various ways: on panel or on rail; the instruments can be portable. Equipped with sensors, they can also measure non-electrical parameters like temperature. We also produce some products that are quite unique on the market; such as synchronoscopes, used for manual or semi-automatic synchronisation. If you want to know more, simply choose the group of our products you are interested in. 


Pentronic is one of Europe’s most complete suppliers of industrial temperature sensors. They develop, manufacture and sell thermocouples and Pt100 resistance thermometers(RTDs), cables and connectors, and also process connections and market IR-radiation pyrometers, transmitters as well as instrumentation like indicators, controllers, loggers and temperature calibration equipment.


Vulcan Engineering Ltd., have established new industry standards, with their product range, performance/quality, ex-stock service and price. Vulcan have widest range of “Standard” Mechanical Seals, available from any manufacturer in the world.


Trafag is a leading international supplier of high quality sensors and monitoring instruments for measuring pressure, temperature and gas density. A wide range of standardized, configurable products is available.