HOBO Data Loggers, Weather Stations are Reliable and Affordable for Environmental Conditions Monitoring

Reliable, highly accurate, affordable indoor & outdoor environmental condition monitoring solutions for temperature, relative humidity, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), wind speed & direction, light intensity, rainfall, soil moisture, evapotranspiration, water level, water flow, pH, dissolved oxygen and many others

Onset HOBO Family 2021

As the trusted manufacturer of HOBO data loggers for more than 40 years, Onset provides the monitoring tools conservators need to ensure the safe preservation of displayed and archived specimens artifacts and works of art used the museum's repositories and exhibit spaces worldwide. HOBO reliable and cost-effective loggers deliver accurate temperature and relative humidity data critical for protecting irreplaceable objects such as the best surviving copy of the Magna Carta, when it was on display at Britain's Salisbury Cathedral to commemorate the documents Eight Hundred Year Anniversary.

Trusted HOBO Temperature/Humidity Sensors and Data Loggers

Accurate, reliable temperature and humidity data is essential to help you assess indoor and outdoor conditions so you can protect ecosystems and your valuable assets. From environmental research to optimizing building performance, HOBO temperature/Relative Humidity data loggers and IoT remote monitoring tools are widely used to assess temperature and Relative Humidity conditions.

Reliable, long-term water quality monitoring solutions for monitoring critical water resources

HOBO data loggers are widely used for monitoring temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, pH, and light. Providing data that's critical to ensuring environmental compliance and implementing mitigation programs, HOBO data loggers are trusted worldwide for monitoring our most valuable water resources.

Why measure soil temp, moisture & EC?

Soil monitoring creates a better understanding. Monitoring soil moisture, temperature, water potential and electrical conductivity (EC) helps us understand weather impacts, predict plant stress, protect ecosystems and more.

From crop management to environmental research on climate change impacts, soil monitoring plays a crucial role in improving farming practices, protecting water resources and achieving sustainability for tomorrow. Field-proven HOBO data loggers track multiple soil parameters with Smart Sensors and HOBOnet remote monitoring wireless sensors for precise soil conditions.


New! HOBOnet Field Monitoring System

The award-winning HOBOnet Field Monitoring System from Onset provides a cost-effective and scalable solution for web-enabled monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, research, and greenhouse operations.

Choose either the easy-to-deploy HOBO MicroRX Station or the highly flexible HOBO RX3000 Station as the basis of your HOBOnet System. Easily configure systems for your specific applications with HOBOnet wireless sensors or Onset's plug-and-play sensors.

Key Advantages

Wide coverage with 900 MHz wireless mesh technology provides a stronger, more reliable signal that can communicate through vegetation
Scalable, with up to 50 wireless sensors streaming back to a central, cloud-based weather station
Remote access to data and current conditions with a customizable dashboard for analysis
Alarm notifications when conditions reach user-set thresholds
Data access through Onset's cloud-based HOBOlink software

Why use a wireless sensor network for monitoring?

Using a HOBOnet wireless sensor network is a smart decision that sets you up for success. Whether you need to monitor a commercial farm or multiple indoor facilities, it’s a flexible, powerful solution to get the accurate, reliable data you need.

HOBOnet wireless network simplify and optimize your data collection, from environmental research and agriculture to indoor environmental monitoring.