Digital Multifunction Protection Relay for motor, generator, transformer, busbar

Digital Multifunction Protection Relay for motor, generator, transformer, busbar

ICE NP900 series relays

Digital Multifunction Protection Relay

ELFIN is authorized local distributor for CEE, Technirel for electrical digital multifunction protection and automation relay for motor, generator, transformer, feeder and busbar in Bangladesh.

NP900 digital multifunction protection relay launched with new range of functionalities. As a significant improvement over its NP800 series of relays, ICE has introduced the NP900 series. This range is designed for the protection of all types of Generation, Industrial, Railway and Distribution networks for advanced feeder protection, cell automation, energy management equipment, differential protection, alarm and signaling equipment, transformer and voltage regulator protection, busbar protection.

This new range includes many advanced features such as IEC 61850 communication protocol as standard, a large graphical display, wider measurement ranges and fully customizable logic functions.

NPF910 - Feeder Protection

NPF915 - Advanced Feeder Protection (Intensity Protection, Voltage/Frequency Protection, Power Protection, Directional Protection)

NPBC915 - Cell Automation

NPE915 - Energy Management Equipment

NPT916 - Differential Protection

NPS914 - Alarm and Signaling Equipment

NPTA915 - Transformer and Voltage Regulator Protection (Regulation PLC, Multifunction Protection)

NPV911 - Busbar Protection (Multifunction Protection)